Because of our knowledge you give us the key of your operations and we are making sure your asset is managed and operated at the highest level while we keep an eye on costs. 


Aviation is a complex industry where lack of knowledge can be evident. We are controlling on your behalf the financial aspect and challenge your operator to guarantee the highest level of service at the lower rate.


If you are looking to sell your aircraft we can support. We evaluate and decide together a selling price to find a buyer for your aircraft and assist through the Pre-Buying Inspection.

Our Mission is to empower aircraft owners and prospective owners to make informed, well weighed decisions in a difficult market segment

Aircraft completion

Buying a jet is a complex project that requires knowledge and expertise. We assist, support and execute to guarantee a successful mission.

Cost estimate & Aircraft optimization

Through this service we help you to budget the costs of your potential future aircraft. We can also provide you a comparison for an easier choice.


You’re flying privately (vs commercial) and you want to avoid contracting a Commercial Operator AOC to enjoy a service « a la carte » we can help you to manage and operate your aircraft.